Storage Rules

Protecting your goods and your neighbour’s.

Do not store the following in your indoor unit:

Materials or goods that are:

  • illegal
  • explosive
  • flammable
  • dangerous
  • filthy
  • noxious/odorous
  • perishable
  • environmentally damaging
  • environmentally sensitive
  • toxic
  • unsecured firearms

Secure, outside storage is available at no extra cost for your fuels and tanks.

All liquids, such as dish detergent should be stored in well-sealed, non-glass containers to prevent leakage.

Vehicles and motorized tools such as lawn mowers stored inside the units must be drained of fuel and have the battery leads disconnected. An oil-proof mat must be placed under the oil pan and engine.

The units are not to be used as maintenance and repair spaces. No power tools may be used in the units.

To offer you the best protection, anyone found violating these rules may be required to vacate and will be responsible for any damage related to the violation.