High Security

How are we keeping your goods safe?

A security fence with barbed wire above and alarm wire throughout prevents illegal entry to the entire site.

A key code is required for entry: only those with units on site and their registered guests are allowed access to the yard.

Our onsite managers are knowledgeable and helpful: living on site to provide that extra peace of mind for your security

Temperature-controlled heated units are available: protecting your valuables from wide seasonal fluctuations.

Alarms on every unit door: your access key code disarms the alarm for the time you are using your unit. Entering your code as you exit the yard rearms it.

Night-time lighting is provided throughout the site for visibility and security.

Camera surveillance to help ensure your goods are well-protected.

Lighting in every unit makes night and winter use easier.

Concrete and steel construction of all permanent structures. Portable units have steel walls and wooden floors and are raised on skids.

Protection from rain and snow melt: every unit is designed with a concrete lip behind the rain-tight roll doors to prevent splashing water and heavy rains from entering your unit. All roofs are designed and sealed to prevent water from entering from above. Broad, industrial-sized gutters carry rain and melt water safely to the edges of the buildings and away from your doors.

Protection from rodents: we provide rodent bait in every unit in case mice stow away in boxes previously stored elsewhere.